Issue 2

Broken Pretty Things
by Grant Faulkner

Valncia Gardens
by Tom Erikson

Trampling Free Speech
by Nigel French

Trampling Free Speech
The NYPD Crackdown on RNC Protests
By Nigel French

In late August I flew to New York City to join the protests of the Republican National Convention. A futile act perhaps, but I needed to feel like I was doing something. It might have been more useful to spend my time in a swing state persuading undecided voters (if such people exist), but I hate canvassing. And I doubted that undecided voters are going to be swayed by a San Francisco latte leftist with an English accent. So, like many in the Bay Area, I skipped the traditional late summer rite of Burning Man to be a part of the collective “fuck you” to the Bush administration.

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