ISSUE 1 / FALL 2004
Issue 1
"And So It Begins..."
My Flaming
by Heather McDonald

The Phoenix
by Ericka Lutz

by Debra DiBlasi

A Valuable Girl
by Lisa McMann

by Judy GeBauer

Flash Fiction
by Dan Coshnear

by Dan Coshnear

Laundry Day
by Elizabeth Bernstein

Walking Through Walls
by Emily Spreng Lowery

Short Stories
Mandelbaum in the Movies
by Jack Goodstein

First, Second, First
by Rachel Koppelman

A Valuable Girl
by Lisa McMann
Flash Fiction "And So It Begins"
Contest: Up to 500 words, beginning with the following first sentence
"I had never seen a tree on fire before."

“I had never seen a tree on fire before,” she said, standing in the rain. “I had never seen so many people walking, so many sampans lining the muddy brown banks.

“I had never heard the whistling of a grenade, the click of the pull, the grumbling of tanks colored to match the gravelly roads, the soldiers inside dusted grey by the wind.

“I had never panned for so much rice in the paddies; scoop and swish, scoop and swish, scoop and swish. My eyes were sharp. I could see through mud. I was very valuable to my Uhm-ma. My mother,” she added, but I knew.

“You were a lookout,” I said.

My grandmother nodded. “I was ten.”

She turned toward me, faced me with her melted brown lids. She reached out her hand, found my shoulder. “I am me, here.” she said. “You are the tree. There. Close. My lookout tree. Click…spirrrrrrrrrrrrrr.” Her hand fluttered like quail from a bush.

“It is a sound I will not forget,” she said.

She lifted her eyes to the rain, but they didn’t wash clean.

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