Issue 7
the big Ugly Review

The Big Ugly Review is currently on hiatus and not accepting new submissions. In the meantime, please enjoy the Fight or Flight issue, or browse through our archives. Sign up to our mailing list if you'd like to receive a note when new themes and deadlines are announced. -- Editors

Please read the submission guidelines carefully! Submissions that do not adhere to the guidelines will not be considered.

The theme for Issue #8 is The Stolen Issue. All submission must somehow relate to the issue's theme.

The submission deadline is May 1, 2010. Responses will be sent four to eight weeks after the close of submissions. Note that we accept simultaneous submissions, so feel free to send your work out elsewhere while you are waiting to hear from us. Please let us know if it is accepted elsewhere. Original, unpublished material is preferred, but reprints will be considered if author has the rights. The Big Ugly Review is currently a non-paying market.

You can enter via email or via US Mail.

To Enter Online
Fiction submissions:
Non-fiction submissions:
Poetry submissions:
Photo-essay submissions:
Music submissions:
Film submissions:

Please put the word "Submission" in your email header, along with your last name and the title of your piece. (Example: Submission, Stangwich, "Who Let the Dogs Out... of My Heart.")

To Enter Via US Mail
The Big Ugly Review 490 Second Street Suite 200 San Francisco, CA 94107

All submission must relate to the theme of The Stolen Issue.

Short Story: Up to 5,000 words

Flash Fiction: Up to 2,000 words

"And So It Begins" Contest: Up to 500 words, beginning with the following first sentence: "We were robbed."

Creative Nonfiction: Up to 5,000 words

Poetry: Poems of any length and form.

Photo-Essay: A series of up to ten photographs with captions of any length. (Note that photos must have captions - that's the "essay" part of the photo-essay. Please no photos without captions.) Send photos as a jpeg or similar attachment. Send captions as a Microsoft Word or Word-readable attachment. Collaborations between photographers and writers are welcome.

Music: Send us your original song in any genre. Send as an mp3 attachment, direct us to your song on the web, or mail us a CD. Please include the lyrics.

Film: Submit films of five minutes or less. Send us your DVD to the address above or direct us to your film on the web.

We cannot return your work, so please don't send us your only copy, and please don't include an SASE for return.


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