Issue 6

Admit it. We look fantastic.
I mean, just look at us! We're still big and we're still ugly, but my God. We can hardly stop looking at ourselves.

And it's fitting, isn't it, that we have gotten this gorgeous makeover just in time for "The Body" issue. They say that true beauty comes from what's inside, and we've got the total package here... beauty inside and out.

Inside you'll read stories about scratchy bodies, aging bodies, re-imagined bodies, yellow bodies, and live-doll bodies. You'll read about the intestinal lengths of the Japanese and the disembodiment that comes with grief... More »


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And so it begins...
by Peter Orner


by Mary Kolesnikova

Baby Go Bye Bye

by Wendy Van Landingham

Flash fiction
Woman From the Mainland
by Mark MacNamara

Out on a Limb

by Kristina Moriconi

The Old Man's Daughter Never Came Home

by Chad Morgan

Short story
The Twelve Steps of Don't Say It in So Many Words
by Angela Marino

Love So Divine
by RG McCartney

by Sabrina Tom

Heavy or Prolonged Bleeding
by Michelle Morrison

Suburban Hottentot

by Laura Fraser

Prison Face-off

by Joe Loya

Six Things I Will Not Say Tomorrow at my Father's Funeral

by Derek Patton Pearcy

Oracles, Egypt and Auras

by Mimi Ghez

My Eczema, Myself

by Laura Barcella

A Gut Above

by Andy Raskin

Scots Wed

by John M. Anderson

Home Bridal

by John M. Anderson


by Amanda Field

Winter Landscape

by Amanda Field

Prologue to Heartbreak

by Amanda Field

Homesick Poem

by Denise Dooley

First Time I Saw Grandpa Shirtless

by Grey Held


by Edward Smallfield

The Dive

by Kia Simon

Just So Ya Know

spacer by Audrey Howard

We Paint the Walls

spacer by Sez Giulian

An Eye for an Eye

spacer by Thomas Kilts

spacer by Vanessa Peters
Photo Essay

The Question of the Year

spacer by Daniel Hernandez

The Body

spacer by Stephanie Gene Morgan
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