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Who Killed Michael Vaughn?

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Who Killed Michael Vaughn?
by Adam Zwig

About the Song:

"Michael Vaughn died in the Iraq war.  I wrote the song a year before he died, not knowing he actually existed. His name came to me in a dream.  I was shocked to see a billboard that said, "In Memory of a Fallen Hero, Michael Vaughn."  In the song, I wanted to personalize the war and ask who takes responsiblity for the fates of these young men and women." — Adam Zwig


Who killed Michael Vaughn?
Why and what's the reason he's gone?

Not I says the Private
Don't accuse me
I was covering our position
Bullets whizzin' by me
I said you go first
I'll wait behind the tree
We were in it together
So you can't blame me

Not I says the Sergeant
Don't accuse me
Sure I gave the orders
It's my job you see
One man's death
Ain't no catastrophe
We're defending our whole country
So don't blame me

Not I say his parents
Don't accuse us
We loved our son dearly
Saw him off on the bus
He went to make us proud
He didn't make a fuss
So don't be ridiculous
And don't blame us

Not I says the president
Don't accuse me
We're fighting this war
Alongside God you see
He didn't die in vain
It's an honor you see
To lose your life
For your country

Not I says the shooter
You can't blame me
I was running from his fire
I was trying to flee
I just want my freedom with my God you see
I'm defending my dear country
So you can't blame me

Not I says the man
Standing on the street
I only heard about it
Watching TV
What's that fighting about
They must be doing for me
For some reason they say

Who killed Michael Vaughn?
Why and what's the reason he's gone?

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