By Sam Driessen


He's writing to himself again, broken hand and a leaking pen,
With the smell of Spring he writes Winter has lost

Taking down those final words, turning the page he feels that burn,
of a whole in his heart, it was the ultimate cost

Oh no, now I'm breaking down in silence,
There's no one I can tell to put this behind us

Hypnotized, by all the lights and screams that went that night,
Though I am still here today
He was in my sight, but it went so fast and though I'm not to blame,
I will always see his grave

Still the same man as yesterday, holding this burden and hiding my shame,
So much life inside, I will still hold on
Throwing bottles against the wall, seeing those faces I will miss them all,
But the world is cold when you are shut

Oh oh, Now I'm placing the past behind me,
Now this world can redefine me

Hypnotized, by all I see and all that's in my eyes, now there's no more mystery,
It was just his time, as the saying goes I've opened up my eyes
Now the world has turned to me

He's writing to himself again, healing hand and a dried out pen
With the smell of Spring he writes Winter has left