Buildin' on Your Case

By JP Jones

JP Jones

About the song:

"Buildin' on Your Case" was written last spring. I had been spending some time listening to and studying the Piedmont blues musicians and wanted to try something along those lines - particularly the guitar style. The lyrics are pretty much self-explanatory, playing with the metaphors of construction as a way of suggesting how we create and de-create our relationships. The bitterness of the sentiment gets mollified supposedly by the humor in the images. It's one of the lighter tunes on Thugs and Lovers and is fun to perform.
– JP Jones


you can bring your hammer, baby
i can bring the chalk
measure out the distance tween
the talkin and the walk
buildin on your case all the time
i been buildin mine

you can bring the wrenches, baby
you can bring the drill
jack it up four ways from sunday
add it to the bill
drop the walkin papers at me feet
fixin on quittin is a two-way street

buildin on your case
buildin on your case
buildin on your case, pretty mamma
buildin on your case
who hid the devil in the hollow tree?
the bubble in the level says it wasn't me

haul your timber to the sawmill
get your lumber cut
figure who got screwed out later
when your walls are up
who drew the blueprints for the door?
you're gonna work it out what the blue is for

someone brought the sugar, sugar
someone brought the salt
someone better bring a bigger mirror, baby
lookin for the fault
who got nervous for the service of
a lawyer in the foyer of the house of love?