Issue 4

Apparently our readers have lots to hide, because we got hundreds of great submissions for The Hidden Agendas Issue. We're very excited about what we have for you inside. new music from local hero and international superstar Chuck Prophet, an unreleased song from soon-to-be-huge Sean Hayes, foot-stomping bluegrass from the Stairwell Sisters, and more in our music section; blasphemy from memoirist Joe Loya; flash fiction about the end of time served with tortillas con mantequilla... More »


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"And So It Begins..."
I Have One Video
by Allison Carter

Flash Fiction

Time Will Have a Short Introduction

by Elena Minor

Short Stories

La La's Guthriecrucian Songbook, A Bildungsroman

by Kim Gek Lin Short

by Trevor Houser

For the Dogs
by Katie Flynn

by Deidre Woollard

The Canvasser
by Michael Scott Moore

From Hymnals to Hymens
Joe Loya

In the Shadow of the Prison
Nell Bernstein

We Conquered the Galaxy and All I Got Were These Feety Pajamas
Matt Betts

Answering Isaac
Aaron Cooper

from The Orange Window
by Valerie Coulton

Hidden Agenda
by Diana Der-Hovanessian

Still Life, Sealed Letter
by Carrie Katz

from Apartment
by Julia Bloch

The Bear's Cage
by Lori Romero

West Memphis Moon
by Chuck Prophet

Looped Inside
by Sean Hayes

Wish I Was
by The Stairwell Sisters

Steve's Going on a Beer Run!
by Van Stone

Buildin' on Your Case
by JP Jones

Random New York Street Portraits
by Tom Erikson
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