The Dive

Kia Simon

About the film:

"My stepfather, Dan Skarry, was an avid skydiver. In 2001, he joined 22 other skydivers for a formation dive.The divers leapt from the plane, and as they grasped each others hands, Dan convulsed and began to plummet through the sky. His backup chute automatically engaged at 1000 feet, landing him in the grassy yard of an Emergency Medical Technician who was out gardening. The EMT went to work on Dan as his friends called 911. Minutes later, a helicopter transported him to the nearest hospital. He was dead on arrival. I don't know if we are given any choices in the moment of our death, but it seemed as if Dan was given a pretty good chance to stay alive. I think that maybe he decided that flying was the way to go. He went up and really never came down." — Kia Simon

San Francisco electronic band Momu was inspired by Dan's story and wrote "The Dive." Kia then made this music video. Her goal was to transmit the sensation of flying, the transcendence to another plane, the pain and joy of leaving, and the sadness of being the one left behind.

Choreographed by Chris Black and danced by Kevin Clarke and Monique Jenkinson.