By Sonya Hunter

Sonya Hunter

About the song:

Roots are a good thing. But when I wrote this song, I needed some fresh soil. I moved to New York for about a year, submerged myself in the music life there, and then headed back for the greener, more spacious gardens of home.

– Sonya Hunter


smell of ocean air so familiar
sliding glass door warms a spot on the floor
apartment halls shared walls meals on your own
you take what you can and you call it your home

well I've grown roots
roots that go deep
under the hills below the streets
the same roots that go
winding through town like shackles on ankles
they're holding me down

bus rides long drives down repeated avenues
store fronts land marks triggering my blues
you can't run from the one under your own skin
but a scenery change is a place to begin

well I've grown roots...

door bell phone call are you family
the sweet recognition with intimacy
do we go back or might we some day
hold that thought cuz I'm going away
well I've grown roots...