George Bush Lies

By Carmaig DeForest

Carmaig DeForest

About the song:

I wrote a song called "George Bush Lies" in 1992 following then-president George H.W. Bush's State of the Union address. The current state of broken affairs inspired this rewrite.

– Carmaig DeForest


I was readin' in the paper, 'bout the president's trip to Iraq.
He ate turkey with the troops and told 'em how we're on the right track
But as I read the words the president said,
A little voice inside of my head
said, "George Bush lies."

He lies addressing Congress. He lies on the campaign trail.
He lied in the Texas Statehouse, prob'ly lied in his frat house at Yale.
Now we're killing and being killed in this war,
I'm afraid we're gonna hear a lot more

George Bush lies.
George Bush lies—it's a family tradition
Just like arrogance and ignorance and sins of omission
Does he lie 'cause he's insane? Or does he have no shame?
Or is he just a pawn in the plutocrats' game?

[spoken in rhythm]
I don't care why he lies the effect is still the same...

[spoken -rant or ad lib]
• we've got the worst unemployment since the depression
• a deficit in the trillions and rising
• a government in bed with right wing fundamentalists
• the erosion of environmental protection and reproductive freedom
• and of course, a lot of people are paying with their lives...

Like Sgt. Kelly Bolor*, deployed to rid Iraq of Saddam.
He was looking forward to comin' home. This wasn't s'posed to be like Viet Nam.
But then they done extended his tour,
Then his family got that knock on the door. What for?

George Bush lies—and I'm not being naive
I know his lies are what a lot of people wanna believe
He feeds on avarice and prejudice, pride, hate and fear.
Am I gonna have to listen for another four years...


To lie after lie after lie? Please no.
Let's support a lesser evil (who's a liar too, I add to be fair).
And we'll keep in mind there is, in fact, common ground we're all gonna share.
So let's live long so we can all be around,
For that day when we can dance on the ground
where George Bush lies.

* In the recording, Carmaig sings, "Like that man in the reserves..."