By Emily Zuzik

About the Song:

"Fly began as a old skool disco tune I wrote one day in the garden of my Brooklyn apartment. I thought it might be cool to play with it and make it into a dance tune (the disco version is floating around on Over the years, I had Martha Walsh's big vocals in my head as a way I'd like to sing. It didn't exactly go that way, but my producer Josh Kessler and I had a blast making a "totally unconventional dance track" complete with Andrews Sisters-style backing vocals. What makes this 'Fight or Flight' appropriate to me is that the song is an invitation to a love affair (Are you ready to Fly?), which naturally implies a potential struggle or bliss, and the fact that the song is called Fly harkens the action of flight."
— Emily Zuzik


I get up in the morning and almost without warning,
I find myself just tripping over dreams of you.
My head's not telling my left from right.
My constitution's a wreck.
I've got a mouth like a trucker but I dress like a queen.
I'll morph just like a spy.
I'm not like the ones you see,
so it's unusual that someone like you
could take my whole world off-track.

Are you ready to fly to the ocean? Are you ready to fly to the sea?
Are you ready to fly to the night? Are you ready to fly with me?

Someone told me long ago,
you were one I might like to know
but I was occupied with my man then.
You can imagine my surprise when I saw you
and I lost all my nerve.
What more do you need from me?
Next step's in your hand.
You know I've got the notion,
got the motion, got the plan.
Don't you want to try something new?
It might be what you deserve.

I can't control your independent heart. (can't hold what you can't keep)
But you might like letting go with me, and running
won't do nothing but complicate it baby...