The Question of the Year

By Daniel Hernandez

That last part still haunts me to this day, and I wonder how I was acting disingenuous in his eyes. When I offered to take him to the emergency room, I know I said it in earnest. Did it not sound earnest? Was there something in my voice that discouraged it?

As he walked out of the room, I told him to go to the university health center when they opened. However, there was more our tepid words than the ER. Rather, in his indirect way, he was asking his older brother to explain what was happening. Why was he so sick? Could I not do something? Say something reassuring? Did I not know some way to still his nerves? He was terrified. But he didn't ask any of those questions because that would be absurd — what did I know? Would I at least be at his side while he stirred in pain?