Why We Need to Be Together

By Christina Hutchins

We lean over the end of a dock in Wisconsin
looking down     forgetting how reflections
distort because beauty is in the distortion :
red carried on ripple halves between blue
sky     your sweater broken and disturbed     lifting
over your head and reaching under the dock
slapping the pilings red red red

except you may not even own a red sweater
we have never stood on a dock together
though I do have a poem     your self portrait
beside a boathouse : "She came to herself,
for herself" and me wanting her wanting you
and of course these fish spinning though our bodies
that are only surfaces after all

until     as we have done and will do again     we turn
to each other warm and grasp with our arms
a pleasure so dense     the hollow crafts of poems
all our language tossed and landed     even water-
-striding images     streaming out and under     can convey
only scant pieces     cannot be sufficient as when
we take each other and hold on