Broken Pretty Things

By Grant Faulkner

Veronica B’s Fact Sheet

Born: 1964, in Ankeny, Iowa, to Tom and Judith Belzer
First Cigarette: 1971
First Blow Job: 1972 (Tommy Hankins)
First Love: 1973 (Johnny Hankins)
First Baptism: 1976, Disciples of Christ Church
First Rock Concert: 1981, Pat Benatar, at the Iowa State Fair
First Marriage: 1987 to Rocko “Skidfish” McCallister, bass player for SlingDick (Rocko lit Veronica’s cigarette from his before they kissed. SlingDick played at the reception, of course.)
First Child: 1988, Rocko Jr.
First Divorce: 1989
Motto: “You can never be tough enough. You can never love hard enough.”

Veronica presently resides in Chicago, where she drives a cab, sells punk rock memorabilia on eBay, and is taking courses to become a probation officer. She’s recently been baptized again in the Disciples of Christ Church.