Prestame tu Planeta

By John Speck and the Bacon Bits


Why don't you come on out to play, there's a big fat sol on a beautiful day,
A brand new animal in the zoo, and a brand new me and a brand new you.
I like to learn about where you're from, who you've been and what you've done.
We could chew the fat, we could wag our chins, at the end of the night we're bound to be friends.

Prestame tu planeta, prestame tu amor, prestame lo que sientes ahora, y regalame el sabor
(Lend me your world, lend me your love, share with me your feelings, and give me the flavor)

Gold is green and pleasure red, it makes no sense comin' through my head.
Time's like a rocket that never slows down. That's alright, I'm in love with the sound.
So live life easy unfurl that brow, I'd like to teach but I don't know how
About this fine feeling from a voice so clear, in my heart there isn't any fear so,


Eso papa, tocala,
(Yeah pops! play it!)
El tocino trombon, tremendo vacilon,
(The bacon trombone, a real good time!)

Gold is green...


Sigue a tu propio compas mama, compas papa
(Do the dance to the beat of your very own drummer)