Where Are My Car Keys?

By Mike Hyden


She said to go, in Idaho
She said at least we tried
She needed space, it was her place
So I thought I'd take a ride
It wasn't far, I found a bar, a temporary friend
No clue on what to do or how it would end

With time to kill, I drank until
The day turned into night
I had my fill, but kept on still
I went down without a fight
In such a blur, I wasn't sure of anything but that
My fate's to leave this state and never look back

Where are my car keys
Where's my car
Well I'm absolutely positive
They might be at this bar
Her memory and my old Capri
Have driven me this far
Where are my car keys
Where's my car

I had to try to drink 'em dry
From Boise to Cheyenne
There is no worse a poor man's curse
Than to be without a plan
Hit every dive, I-25, from there to Santa Fe
Last call for alcohol, I'd call it a day

I can't recall the day, the time
Of when I crossed the Texas line
Fort Worth's as good a place as I'll ever find
For now I think I'll settle here
It's all becoming much too clear
That I'll never, ever driver her out of my mind